One of the most often ignored factors facing new business owners is the necessity of having to obtain a merchant account for their start up business.
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Merchant Accounts for New Businesses

Often lost amongst the issues of setting up bank accounts, buying supplies, leasing premises, ordering inventory, etc., the ability to accept credit cards is pretty well a requirement for most successful business ventures. Card processing is demanded by most consumers, and the ability to accept credit cards will increase revenues substantially.
Here at the Merchant Account Explorer, we have been helping businesses find the best merchant services solution for their particular business for more than six years.
And, for entrepreneurs starting up their new businesses, our top recommendation is Charge Inc. They have a simple (and quick) approval process, offer very low rates, and unlike many processors, they do not assess any fees against you if you decide to terminate your contract. That’s important for start ups, because unfortunately many of them fail in the first year of operation. Check them out.
There are 4 basic ways to process credit cards:
  • over the internet
  • via phone and mail orders
  • with a card terminal in a retail venue or office
  • with a mobile wireless solution (using wireless hardware or smartphones)

Charge offers all of these solutions, often accompanied by free processing hardware or software.

Many new businesses take advantage of these free offers to jump-start their new venture.
We heartily recommend that you check out Charge’s website. With their online application process, you can be approved for a merchant account for your start up business and be processing within a couple of days.

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