These days it is pretty well imperative for musical instrument stores to have a merchant account to accept credit cards from your customers. Because a substantial portion of your sales are of a high dollar amount, chances are most of your clientele won’t have enough cash on hand to be able to make the purchase. so they’ll want to use their credit or debit card.
We suggest you check out They have been in business for well over a decade, have a solid reputation and are easy to deal with. Our merchant account review site has itself been recommending them for many years and have never received any complaint or negative comment from any of the thousands of merchants we have referred to Charge.
Whether you sell pianos, guitars or other stringed instruments, drums. horns, reed instruments – whatever musical instruments or musical accessories you stock – Charge can set you up  with a merchant account at very low rates. The discount rates they can offer are almost always the lowest around.
They have swipe machines for your store, of course. But they also have a variety of wireless terminals if you travel to trade shows, and they can also set you up with smartphone processing, so you can use pretty well any cellphone to take orders on the road.
For those musical instrument stores with a web presence, Charge offers an internet merchant account, with an accompanying virtual terminal that will also allow you to take orders over the phone.
So if your musical instrument store needs a merchant account, check out their website. You can apply online and be approved the same business day in many cases – even if you should have bad credit. 
And if you already have credit card processing, Charge can probably beat your current rates, so you can save money on your music store’s processing fees every month.


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