With the pace of life becoming more and more hectic, families find themselves seeking the convenience of being able to have food delivered to their homes. And with it the need  for having pizza delivery credit card processing services for pizza parlors has grown at a comparable pace.
Pizza restaurants that offer delivery services actually require all three means of accepting debit and credit cards with a merchant account:
  • in restaurant card processing terminals, for  customers ordering for consumption in the restaurant, or for takeout
  • online processing, for processing orders taken via the pizza parlor’s website
  • mobile terminals, to accommodate home delivery services with wireless processing

Chances are your restaurant already has merchant services. But  whether you are simply looking for a better  deal on your merchant account, or are setting up processing for the first time, Charge Inc. can help.


They have been in business for around 16 years (that’s a long time in the card processing industry). Not only can they take your application online, but they can get your merchant account approved very quickly. They offer the full gambit of merchant services (retail, internet, mobile) and equipment – at very good rates.


So get your pizza restaurant fully optimized for sales, by taking advantage of Charge’s quick and easy online application for card processing services.


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