If you are seeking credit  card processing services for your nursery or garden store, we have a recommendation that can help.
Our website has been offering advice and reviews of merchant account providers for the past  six years.  There are a couple of providers that have really stood out over those years, as far as providing low processing rates and quick approvals.
Of those, the  one that is the best fit for nursery businesses is Charge Inc. Not only can they help the start-up garden store get access to processing services, but they can probably help mature nurseries obtain credit card processing services at a significantly reduced cost. And those cost savings can quickly add up over time.
Charge offers electronic keypad terminals for in-store transactions, as well as wireless solutions so that you can accept credit cards while on the go (using your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, most cellphones and even your iPad). Of course, if you also have a website, you can accept orders there, and over the phone.
Having a merchant account increases your cash flow, eliminates having to wait for customer checks to clear, and eliminates bounced checks.
There are no start up fees, and you can apply online and be approved very quickly in most cases, even if you don’t have the best credit profile. Getting credit card processing for your gardening store or nursery has never been easier. You can check them out here.



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