The options available for owners of tile, floor covering and carpet stores who wish to be able to accept credit cards have expanded significantly over the past 10 years.
Merchant accounts can now be tied to in-store, mobile and internet card transactions. Retail card swipe machines have been around for more than forty years; some 15 years ago businesses selling floor coverings joined the internet revolution and opened ecommerce websites to market their goods; and more recently the wireless revolution has enabled sales to be transacted from wireless terminals, and more frequently, from smartphones.
So as an owner of a floor covering outlet, where should you look to find a reliable credit card processor?
I’d suggest you first take a look at Charge Inc., whose website has been online for around 16 years, making it one of the most experienced providers of merchant accounts. I’ve dealt with the owner for ten years myself, and have been very impressed.
Charge can offer your tile, carpet or hardwood covering store very low discount rates. They also make the process of applying for merchant services for your floor covering store very simple (and fast), with their online application form.
They have the solutions you are looking for – credit card terminals for in-person purchases; internet accounts for your website; and a variety of wireless alternatives for your mobile sales (so you can visit your clients’ homes and accept their debit or credit cards on the spot). The internet ecommerce service also allows you to take cards over the phone via a ‘virtual terminal’.
You can check out their website and apply online in a matter of minutes. Compare their fees with their competitors and you’ll usually find they can’t be beat.


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