In the past decade India has come to the forefront as an international business nation.


Concurrent to its emergence on the global business scene, a need has arisen for merchant account services allowing Indian businesses to accept credit cards from their customers worldwide.


More so than many other nations, Indian businesses deal with a host of international customers and clientele. Because of this, Indian merchants often have a lot of difficulty and even frustration in finding a reliable credit card processing solution.


We have a very good recommendation for such Indian merchants - The Transaction Group (TTG). We have been working with them for the past 8 years and have found them to be honest and extremely well-versed in locating processing solutions for businesses worldwide.


TTG has a lot of experience helping businesses not only in ‘low risk’ industries, but has also helped many Indian enterprises in more ‘high risk’ industries, including:

  • international call centers
  • technical support operations
  • adult related
  • online gambling and gaming
  • software development
  • and many others


For Indian companies that offer their products or professional services online, it’s extremely important not only to have a merchantĀ  account, but to have one that offers reasonable rates, processes its transactions securely and reliably, and transfers the sales funds to the merchant’s bank account without problems. TTG can usually set up Indian businesses with such an international processor fairly quickly in most cases.


If you are already processing with another processing company but are not happy with their service or the fees, you can contact TTG and they will try to find you better rates and service. You will simply need to fax TTG your processing statements form the previous 3 months and they’llĀ  do their best to find you a better deal elsewhere.


To get in touch with The Transaction Group, or if you have any questions about finding a merchant account for your Indian business, simply visit their website.

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