Wireless credit card processing utilizing a wireless credit card machine is cost-effective, simple and provides the means to accept credit cards no matter where you and your clients or customers happen to be.


We provide below our recommendations (and a brief discussion) as to four of the most reputable providers of wireless credit card machines, based on our five years of experience in providing advice to businesses who seek credit card processing for their operations.


We have also set out links to a few more providers of wireless processing solutions that may be appropriate for your particular needs.


Wireless Processing
Finally, we discuss some of the benefits arising from wireless credit card processing .

Our Top Wireless Credit Card Processing Recommendations
(as of May 17, 2007 )

Total Merchant Services
Discount Rate: 1.65%
Transaction Fee: 20 cents
Monthly Statement Fee: $7.50
Monthly Minimum: $25.00
Up Front Costs: Free
Our Rating (out of 100 points): 90
  • Now offers a free Nurit 8000 wireless terminal
  • Supports a range of payment & value-added services – including credit, debit, T&E, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, loyalty, gift & proprietary cards – as well as business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery, etc. The unit supports a variety of cellular networks, and comes to your ready to use with newest GPRS wireless network.
CardService International
Discount Rate: 1.69%
Transaction Fee: 15 to 35 cents
Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
Monthly Minimum: Depends on monthly volume
Up Front Costs: Contact the Provider
Our Rating (out of 100 points): 87
  • The LinkPoint 9100, with both a dial-up and a wireless modem, comes with a rechargeable battery-operated terminal base.
  • Fast print capabilities (8 lines per second). No need for a separate printer.
  • With a magnetic stripe card reader (and optionally, a smart-card reader), its perfect for mobile merchants needing payment capabilities that are flexible.
  • Can support as many as 4 SAM Smart Card modules (also a fully-sized smart card). For debit cards, it includes a secure PIN pad.
The Transaction Group
Discount Rate: 1.79%
Transaction Fee: 25 cents
Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
Monthly Minimum: None
Up Front Costs: Contact the provider
Our Rating (out of 100 points): 86
  • Accept all major credit cards, debit cards and private-label cards.
  • Enjoy low cost credit card transaction fees. Includes check guarantee. Capture data for a wide array of retail uses.
  • 24 hour approval. Customized payment processing solutions available.
  • Easy installation. Top-rated customer service. Cannot be beat.
Discount Rate: 1.69%
Transaction Fee: 25 cents
Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
Monthly Minimum: Not specified
Up Front Costs: $799.00
Our Rating (out of 100 points): 84
  • The Nurit 3010 terminal offers a wireless solution for merchants where they need to bring their terminal to their merchants.
    Radio modem
    Landline modem
    Fast, quiet thermal printer
    Rechargeable battery; quick charger
  • Fast approval – typically the same day.
   Four other providers of merchant accounts for retail credit card processing that we can recommend:

Benefits of Wireless Credit Card Processing

In conjunction with your merchant account, you should consider adding the capability of accepting credit card payments via a wireless credit card machine.


Wireless credit card terminals and wireless merchant accounts are available for real-time online transactions and in retail form (card swipe).


A typical wireless credit card processing transaction works as follows:

  • Your customer’s credit card is swiped or entered manually entered into your mobile credit card machine.
  • The card’s information is transferred securely via a payment gateway to your processing service.
  • The processor then replies with the transaction response – authorized, declined, etc.
  • The response code is ‘logged’ at the payment gateway under your merchant account.
  • If you have a printer, the system prints out a receipt for both you and your customer.


Known also as ‘mobile commerce’, wireless credit card processing can provide a number of benefits:

  • You can accept credit cards wherever you or any of your employees happen to be, whether at a customer’s office, at a trade show or, if you have a ‘real time’ wireless terminal, while on the telephone with a client while away from your office).
  • Businesses in certain industries (transportation services, taxis, home delivery or maintenance services, towing companies, etc.) may find wireless credit card processing especially attractive.
  • If the swipe terminal or computer that you normally use to process credit cards is tied up or malfunctioning, the wireless solution can be used in the interim to handle excess demand.
  • It only takes a few moments to complete a transaction – generally less than with retail terminal equipment.
  • You could pay substantially less in processing fees.
  • Many provide virtual terminals, online reports, email capability (for sending receipts to your customers) and password protection.
  • Electrical outlets and phones are not required.
  • Most wireless credit card machines are extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Processing via a cell phone and hand-held wireless printers are also available.
  • Clients and customers will appreciate the ability to pay using a credit card – especially for expenses that were not expected.
  • Reduce the cash you and your staff handle and need to hold – and therefore the risk of loss.

Features and benefits will differ based on the provider and the equipment, so check carefully before purchasing to ensure the wireless merchant services package you choose offers what you need.


You should be aware that there are some drawbacks in utilizing a wireless credit card machine:

  • Wireless credit card processing equipment uses a business cellular network which has more geographic restrictions – much greater than with normal cellphones. Make sure before you buy that your sales area has full wireless coverage.
  • You may not be able to perform check and debit transactions.
  • Because wireless credit card machines are very advanced pieces of equipment, they are expensive (generally $800 or more if new, with a printer). You might be offered a unit that is considerably cheaper, but beware – it probably utilizes an out-of-date cellular network (e.g. an CDPD terminal, which is functionally obsolete).
  • Mobile credit card processing equipment functions via cellular networks, so you will have to pay cellular services fees as well (usually $15 to $30 monthly).

For information on the other costs you may incur with your wireless credit card machine and merchant account, see our credit card processing fees discussion