If you are in need of a merchant account and credit card processing for your veterinary clinic, we think we can point you in the right direction.
While we ourselves don’t offer merchant accounts, we have been recommending top merchant account providers to small and large businesses for more than 6 years.
And for veterinarians, our top recommendation is Charge Inc., who themselves have been a credit card processor since 1996.
As a veterinary clinic, you may require 3 different types of processing for your business:
  • Swipe machine processing, for¬† in-person processing within your clinic
  • Wireless processing, for mobile transactions¬† when attending to a pet at a client’s home
  • Internet processing, if you offer goods or services from your clinic’s website

Charge can handle all three. In fact, with their quick online application process, they can often have you up and running within a day or two of your applying.  They may even be able to provide you with a free terminal.


Of course, being able to offer card processing services is a great convenience for the owners of all those dogs and cats you attend to.


And if you already have a merchant account at your veterinary clinic but are looking for lower rates and monthly fees, They can probably help you there too. You’ll need to fax or email them 2 or 3 months of your processing statements.


So head on over to their website, check them out and apply for a merchant account so you can enjoy credit card processing at your clinic.



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