Is your business looking for credit card processing services for y0ur paint and wallpaper store? Or do you already have a merchant account, but would like to lower your rates?

We have been helping paint store owners find an appropriate processing provider since 2006. The best recommendation we can give you is Charge Inc.


Their rates are amongst the lowest in the industry. They offer an easy – and very quick – online approval process and they will have you up and processing in as little as 2 business days.


With a merchant account in place at your paint and wallpaper outlet, your customers will appreciate the added convenience, resulting it repeat business. You may also be able to utilize gift and loyalty cards to generate even more sales and loyalty.


Charge can set you up with in-store processing terminals, wireless processing capabilities, internet processing software – you name it, they can help you out. And all at very attractive rates. They have been around since 1996 (16 years means that they have a lot of satisfied business owners).


So we recommend that you check them out and apply online from their website for your paint store merchant services. You’ll find the process pretty quick and painless.And if you already have a merchant account, why not see if they can lower your rates and save you money every month?

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