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Home page for The Merchant Account Explorer, which provides advice and recommendations for businesses seeking credit card processing solutions.




Merchant Account Explorer Site Map
Comparison Shop for Merchant Accounts


Compare services and rates for all types of credit card processing solutions.


Internet Merchant Accounts


Compare offerings for merchant accounts for your website business.


Phone Mail Merchant Accounts


Processing for orders taken by phone or mail.


Retail Merchant Accounts


Compare popular merchant accounts for retail businesses.


Wireless Processing


Learn about mobile processing solutions.


High Volume Merchant Accounts


Advice and recommendations for merchants who process high volumes of credit card sales.


Bad Credit Merchant Accounts


Assistance for businesses with credit problems.


Canadian & International Merchant Accounts


Locate a merchant account if your business is carried on outside the U.S.


Offshore Merchant Accounts


Merchant Accounts for high risk businesses.


Electronic Checks


Echecks – what are they and which service you should buy.


Third Party Processing


Credit card processing for those who can’t qualify for their own merchant account.


Associations Processing


The special needs of associations.


Gift Cards


The benefits of adding a gift card program to your processing offerings.


Corporate / Government Processing


Reducing transaction processing costs for corporate and government customers.


Merchant Account Fees


A discussion of the various fees you can encounter if you accept credit cards.


Articles on Credit Card Processing


Articles of interest in the credit card processing field.


A Brief Primer on Merchant Account Discount Rates


An explanation of the most common merchant account fees.


Reduce Chargebacks to Your Merchant Account


Save time, money and risk by reducing chargebacks.

Merchant Account Glossary


Terms encountered in transaction processing.


Merchant Account Providers


Partnership opportunities for merchant account firms.


Contact the Merchant Account Explorer


Get in touch with us.


Terms of Use


How you can use our website.


Privacy Policy


Our polices to protect your privacy.