Whether you operate an established hardware store or are a start up operation, you already know that you must be able to process debit and credit cards in your store.
If you are looking to save yourself a lot of time in your hunt for a merchant account provider to service your processing needs – and save money as well – we recommend you check out a couple of companies that should be able to help you out.
Charge has been online offering merchant services to hardware stores for more than 15 years. The Transaction Group, while only being around for about half as long, is another excellent choice.
We’ve worked with both companies for many years and can heartily recommend both.
Obviously you’ll need a processing terminal to swipe the cards of in-store customers. Both Charge and TTG can more than meet your needs. But both also specialize in internet merchant accounts, as well as phone processing software.
Additionally, your hardware business might also need mobile processing from time to time. Again, both services can help you here, with wireless equipment and processing services to meet your mobile needs.
Both TTG and Charge offer excellent discount rates, minimize the monthly fees you’ll pay, and offer quick online applications and approvals.
Take a look at the websites for Charge and TTG. Then apply online and in most cases, you’ll be up and processing at your hardware store in a matter of days.

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