One of the biggest challenges often facing online entrepreneurs is finding reliable credit card processing for their internet marketing activities.
When analyzing whether to approve an online business for a merchant account, processing banks evaluate the risk inherent in the applicant’s operations. Internet marketers face a hurdle here.
Because of the nature of their business, they can have higher than average chargebacks (due to unsatisfied customers), and large discrepancies in their daily or monthly processing volumes, especially where new product launches are concerned. Additionally, downloadable digital products also are often accompanied by higher than average chargeback rates.
Because of these issues, credit card processors can be quite leery of approving merchant accounts for what they perceive as high risk internet marketing businesses.
If you are contemplating opening an internet marketing business, or you are already an online operator with a merchant account, but want to see if you can locate a better merchant account, we have a recommendation for you.
For the past 8 years we have been referring merchants to The Transaction Group. TTG has built itself an excellent reputation for being able to place “high risk’ businesses with reliable processing services. They can usually help online marketers no matter what the level of risk, and no matter where the business is located.
They have relationships with banks worldwide, and can in most cases get you set up quickly and affordably.
You can check out their website and apply there with their online application.
Finding reliable credit card processing for your internet marketing business has never been easier.

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