Since the recession struck American businesses, it has become increasingly difficult for merchants with poor credit to be approved for credit card processing services.
When evaluating a business’ application for a merchant account, providers assess the risk involved in approving the application. And one of the most important factors they look at is the applicant’s credit history.
So it is no surprise that business owners with a poor credit history can become frustrated by a series of rejections from the processing companies and merchant banks.
Here at the Merchant Account Explorer, through our experience over the years, we have located some merchant account services that are more open to approving businesses with bad credit.
And without a doubt, the best solution we have found is Charge Inc., who have been specialists in helping ecommerce businesses with their processing needs for 16 years. Charge Inc. is far and away the best provider we have found when trying to place poor credit merchant accounts.
In addition to having a quick online application process and a high approval rate, they also have some of the lowest rates around, often even for those with credit problems. There are no set up or application fees, and successful applicants will be able to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex cards.
Check out their site, fill out their short merchant account online application and you’ll have a very good chance of being approved for credit card processing, even if you have a poor credit history.

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