If you are an Australian merchant looking to do online business globally, you’ll obviously need to offer your customers credit card processing for their purchases.
International Merchant Accounts for Australian Businesses

Global Processing for Australian Merchants

We have an excellent recommendation to help you establish a merchant account for your Australian website.
The Transaction Group has relationships with banks around the world and, in conjunction with you and the banks, can get you set up for ecommerce (with a merchant account and a secure payment gateway). With their help, your Australian business will be able to accept and process all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, etc.), no matter where in the world your customer resides, and whatever currency they pay in will be converted to Australian dollars.
The Transaction Group provides merchant accounts for both low and high risk business ventures, the latter including niches such as high volume enterprises, dating websites, online pharmacies, nutritional supplements, tech support and many others.
In addition, they can help you obtain the lowest processing fees possible.
And if you are already processing through an existing merchant account, but would like to explore your options for reducing your current processing fees, they can review your processing statements and help you find a cheaper solution.

Feel free to check out their credit card processing for Australian merchant accounts, and submit an easy online application.

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