As the owner of a small business, you probably already understand the typical benefits of credit card processing for electrician’s services – namely, increased revenues, and no worries about checks from customers being returned as NSF.
Electricians Merchant Accounts

Mobile Card Processing for Electricians

But there is another more recent advantage to having a merchant account for your electrician business.
Since you and your staff typically do almost all of your jobs at off-site locations (homes, offices, and commercial and industrial buildings), it is incredibly convenient to be able to accept payments right at your customers’ premises.
And you can do this with a mobile processing solution from Charge Inc.
Their wireless processing solution allows you to take your customer’s payments on your cell phone, smartphone, Blackberry, Android, iPhone or iPad.
You’ll be able to accept all major credit cards, and eliminate the need for sending invoices and waiting for checks to clear. You’ll get instant transaction approvals right at the job site.
Also, take advantage of their free wireless equipment offer and receive industry low credit card processing rates on your electrician services.
There are no long term contracts to sign, and no early termination fees.

You can check out Charge’s merchant accounts for your electrician business here.

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