As the owner of a rental car agency, you already know the importance of being able to accept credit cards from your customers.
credit card processing for rental car business

Car Rental Agency Merchant Account

Having a ‘card present’ credit card terminal attached to your merchant account for your car rental agency is a given. It allows you to swipe and authorize clients’ cards in your agency’s offices at hotels, airports and other locations.
But have you considered the advantage of also having a wireless credit card processing solution? Well, if not, you are falling behind many of your competitors.
Wireless processing helps you run your business much more efficiently. How? Many times during the day you probably have several different customers lined up at your office’s customer service counter, waiting to turn in the vehicles they rented. Why make them wait, when with the help of a portable wireless terminal, your reps can simply meet the customer at the car as they return it and attend to the processing of their payment right on the spot. It’s great for speeding up the check in process, and your customers will thank you for it, and probably rent from you again in the future.
The processor that we recommend for wireless processing hardware and merchant accounts is Charge Inc. They have really low rates (as low as 1.00%) and free wireless terminals available. And their application and approval process is really quick. And they now can set your rental car business up with smartphone and iPhone processing.
As one of the oldest processing businesses on the internet, they have built up a very good reputation with their many processing merchants. They can also help with any regular terminal needs you may have, and with ecommerce processing for your website.

Check out and apply here for one of their merchant account solutions for rental car agencies.

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