Over the past decade India has become probably the world’s leader in providing call center and PC support center services for businesses and individuals worldwide.
As a result, these call and PC centers have an ever increasing demand for merchant account services, so that they can accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. But traditionally, these merchant services have been quite difficult to obtain for many Indian call centers and PC support facilities.
If you are one of the centers in India that have been fighting an uphill battle in trying to obtain a merchant account, we have a recommendation that we think will help you.
TheTransaction Grouphas for the past few years been focusing on helping business owners in ‘high risk’ and international industries find reputable and reliable merchant processing services.
To this end, they have established relationships with banks around the globe, and lately have been having great success in placing businesses in India with merchant account banking. And, they can probably assist your Indian ecommerce business no matter what industry you are in, and whether your customers are India-based or reside elsewhere in the world. Their processing solutions will allow customer payments in $US (or other international currencies) to be converted to Indian Rupees.
Moreover, they can probably assist you even if have a high volume of monthly sales that typically cause other processing service providers to decline your business.
We have found TTG to be a reliable and very customer-centered credit card processing service. So we heartily recommend the Transaction Group to any India based business owner looking for merchant account services for their PC support or call center.

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