You know a lot about cutting, styling and coloring your customers’ hair. But do you understand all the benefits of credit card processing utilizing a hair salon merchant account?


hair salon merchant accounts

Hair Salon Processing

Among the many benefits to your salon:

  • Many customers these days don’t like to carry cash, so allowing them to pay for their hair styling with a debit or credit card translates into more customers for you.
  • Customers with credit cards spend more, choosing to purchase additional services and products that they would not buy if they had to pay with cash. This means a higher average transaction size for each customer you serve, which in turn means more sales and more profits for you.
  • You can reduce the inherent risk involved in accepting payments by check – no more bounced checks. Card processing means the money is in your bank account quickly, usually the next business day.
  • If your competitors have a merchant account, and you don’t, you are undoubtedly losing customers to them.

And of course, having a merchant account means you do not have to keep large amounts of cash in your salon, so you can significantly reduce the risk of theft or loss.


OUR RECOMMENDED PROCESSOR:  Click here to go to the Charge website and complete their Apply Now form. It only takes a few minutes to apply and your salon can be processing with our recommended provider within a day or two.


For hair salon businesses, you need a credit card merchant account service that can provide for your particular needs, whether these include:

  • a credit card terminal, for processing in person at your salon.
  • a wireless terminal, for mobile processing.
  • internet processing, to be able to accept payments directly on your website.

At the Merchant Account Explorer, we help merchants locate the best merchant account service for their particular business. We have been doing this successfully since 2006.


As such, we have gotten to know many of the ‘top players’ offering credit card processing to U.S. merchants.


And we have no hesitation in recommending Charge Inc. as the preferred merchant services provider for the hair salon industry. Charge has been around since the mid 1990’s. They have a really high approval rate for businesses applying for merchant accounts, and their approval process is usually extremely quick – and painless. In fact, most if not all of the process generally takes place online, sometimes in just a few hours.


There are no upfront fees, and you will enjoy really low processing rates. And they also offer a free terminal to most merchants.


And with Charge, there is no termination fee if you ever decide to terminate your merchant account.


To begin credit card processing with a hair salon merchant account, simply Click here to go to the Charge website and complete their Apply Now form. It only takes a few minutes to apply.



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