Here at the MAE we have embarked on a program designed to help businesses in specific niches locate reputable, competitively priced merchant services.

Our thinking is that many business owners (especially those starting new ventures) really have little or no idea how credit and debit card processing works, what they will be charged for those services, and how best to locate a reputable processor.


So when we started our website 6 years ago, we really wanted to serve as a place where owners could go online and, in one convenient location, find recommendations for reputable, reliable merchant account companies.


Recently we got to thinking that many such “newbies” probably go online when looking for a credit card processor and search for a merchant account that specifically services their particular niche. So to help them, we started writing articles that focus on merchant accounts for their niche. To date, we have written and posted articles helping businesses in the car rental, hair salon, property rental, electrical, footwear, clothing and other business niches find a reliable processing service.


Hopefully owners in such niches who are searching online for help in finding a good merchant account will find these articles helpful.


If you are one of those owners, please drop us a line and let us know if our articles were useful.

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